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Scale-out NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a type of NAS architecture that allows for the expansion of storage capacity and performance by adding more nodes to the existing infrastructure. In a scale-out NAS system, multiple NAS nodes are connected to a network and work together to provide a unified storage pool that can be accessed by clients.

Scale-out NAS provides several benefits over traditional scale-up NAS architectures. First, scale-out NAS is highly scalable, allowing organizations to easily add more storage capacity and performance as needed. Second, scale-out NAS is highly available, as data is typically replicated across multiple nodes to ensure that it is always accessible. Finally, scale-out NAS is typically easier to manage than scale-up NAS, as adding more nodes is typically simpler and less disruptive than upgrading existing hardware.

Scale-out NAS is commonly used in environments that require high-performance storage for large amounts of unstructured data, such as media and entertainment, scientific research, and large-scale web applications.

Additionally, scale out N​AS can ensure higher performance, availability and expandability than traditional SAN (Storage Area Network) solutions.

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